Instant Issuance

Instant issuance for real time remittances and disbursements

When speed of issuance is more important than the need for personalized cards, you could opt for our Instant Issuance functionality. They can be handed out immediately without any upfront work needed, and can thefore be used immediately. The distribution of these instant cards is done using an online application.

Deployment of incentives for sales staff.

Make changes and stand-up new programs faster.

Appreciation rewards for employees

Reduce input time and get sales back to selling.

Class Action Payments

Reduce time to process and expedite payments.

Emergency disbursements in disaster scenarios

Everyone stays informed every step of the way.

Immediate consumer rebates and discounts on purchase

Get smarter and make more strategic decisions.

Payment of commissions, expense reimbursements etc.

Pay sales people accurately in days not weeks.

Issue your first prepaid cards today

Instant Sign Up. Safe Process.

Stradacarte is a platform built to meet all your customer needs by offering traditional mail-in rebates (MIR), simplified online/mobile or instant rebate experiences at the point of purchase.

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